Bootstrap 4 - Utilities

Bootstrap 4 - Utilities

Bootstrap 4 uses a set of utilities to display borders, text color, video embeds, etc. on a web page.

The following table lists the types of utilities that you can use to manage Bootstrap 4 −


The Border utility provides the style, color, and radius of an element's border.

Clear and close icon

Clearfix is ​​used to clear popup content and close icon to close content.


Use the context classes to change the color of the text, link, and background of an element.


It is used to embed a video in a page using the <iframe> element.


Used to move an element to the left or right.

Shadows and Spacing

The Shadow utility adds a shadow to elements, while the Spacing utility provides margin or padding values ​​for an element.


You can make an element wide or tall using the width and height utilities.


Bootstrap provides text utilities to control text alignment, transform, weight, and more.


The Flex utility can be used to control the layout, alignment, column grid, navigation, and other page components.